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Taino Compostables

A Project of the Taino Group: Creating 

Eco-Friendly  Ecosystems!

About Us


Our Passion

To provide high-quality, reasonably priced compostable products made from plant based materials. Our products are designed for performance, strength and aesthetic.  


Helping Create Eco-Friendly & Regenerative Ecosystems

Over 28 million tons of petroleum-based plastic ends up in U.S. landfills alone each year. With human activity testing the limits of our planet’s bio-capacity, the Taino Group has joined with World Centric  to find better ways to tread lightly. To this end, we have partnerned as a product distributor of World Centric® to provide you with plant based, sustainably made products that are designed to transform into healthy, new soil through composting. 


It Starts With Us!

Everything we do in our everyday lives impacts the future of life on Earth. We all have a choice to make: continue on a path that leads to a collapsed world, or contribute to a healthy ecosystem, social and economic equality, thriving habitats and a better quality of life for all. 

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